AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages

Fast & smooth

Let's make the web fast again!

From slow to fast with the AMP Project


AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages, is built around a lightweight framework which gives really fast load times.

J&M optimizes all images with algorithms that provide small images with high quality to keep the good speed.

Super Smooth

AMP is designed with touch screens in mind. All functionality available in AMP works just as smoothly as in native applications on your phone.

Features Rich

Although AMP is a lightweight framework there are already a lot of functionality. AMP is a project in constant development so it only gets better with time.


AMP loads the pages in a smart way so that the information can show immediately on the device.

Mobile Friendly

AMP doesn't use cookies by default and are very light on the processor. This means that AMP is very battery friendly and hardly makes any impact on the smart phone.

Since all components, including pictures, are kept as small as possible AMP is also kind to people that don't use the latest flag ship model.

All AMP sites that J&M builds runs on practically all smart phones.

Is AMP the Mobile Future?

No one can promise that AMP will remain. However many things suggest that AMP will stay and develop with time.

Just the fact that AMP today is the best technology to present information on the touch screen makes the decision pretty easy.

AMP is the best option for building mobile subpages!