The Studio

The design plans are carried out

The Design Studio

Design is design and even when it comes to digital design, we usually start with an empty paper and a pen. It's easier to visualize your ideas with a pen in your hand and it creates a new and unique design for each customer


When the design ideas begin to take shape, The Lab is looking at the material to ensure that the ideas become economically sustainable for all parties. Then the design is digitized to be used in the customer's project


Before The Lab takes over the main responsibility for building web pages, or the designer continues to make printed material, the Copywriter finish all texts so that they fit into both digital and printed work. Now we have come a long way


At J&M Design we are honored to use high quality pictures. We have our 'own' photographers and also buy pictures to give all our projects that little extra that attracts the customers attention and improve the sales

Quality Assurance

At J&M we assure all projects so that no further changes need to be made after publication. The studio and the lab work together but sometimes things need to be changed after all, we do it quickly and efficiently