The Lab

Our IT department realizes the design

The Code Lab

The Lab, our IT-Department, does not work in the same way as in most other companies. With us the collaboration between The Lab and The Studio is one of the most important things in order to give our customers the absolute best.
IT & Design as one unit

Clean Code

Clean Code not only means using the most modern and best tools. Clean Code means that all work behind the scenes is done with care in a cost-effective and future-proof manner.
We, and you as a customer, win on this!

Digital marketing

In order to reach as many people as possible through the Internet it is imperative today to have a good ranking with the search engines. We are following the development and adapting us all the time to give you as good ranking as possible

Social media

or many companies the presence in Social Media is the most important marketing channel. The Social Media and SEO Strategy is implemented in The Lab with the utmost care to provide all our customers with
the best prerequisite for success

The Google AMP Project

Google AMP is a framework for encode websites that should be mobile first. We're talking about fast code for mobile phones (and desktop) that just charges what's absolutely necessary to save time and bandwidth. In addition, Google AMP provides very high ranking when searching on mobile phones
Google AMP for people & entrepreneurs on the move

Fast & smart

AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages, is built around a lightweight framework which gives really fast load times

AMP loads the pages in a smart way so that the information can show immediately on the device

Features Rich & Mobile Friendly

Although AMP is a lightweight framework there are a lot of functionality implemented in the AMP Project

AMP is very battery friendly and hardly makes any impact on the smart phone