Google AMP

Google AMP

Frameworks for the future

Core Frameworks at J&M

At J&M, we use the framework that best suits what you need
Web pages and ads published in the AMP format load near instantly and giving users a smooth experience

Google AMP

Mobile First framework. Very fast and search engine friendly in the mobile world

Bootstrap 4

Clean framework for most sites. Works really smooth on mobile and desktop (This site is an BS4-site)

Framework 7

iOS & Android framework for Web Apps. Build a complete system that looks and feels like a native app

The AMP Project
The Google AMP Project

The Google AMP Project

Google AMP is a framework for encode websites that should be mobile first. We're talking about fast code for mobile phones (and desktop) that just charges what's absolutely necessary to save time and bandwidth. In addition, Google AMP provides very high ranking when searching on mobile phones.
Google AMP for people & entrepreneurs on the move

The Google AMP Project


AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages, is built around a lightweight framework which gives really fast load times

Features Rich

Although AMP is a lightweight framework there are a lot of functionality implemented in the AMP Project


AMP loads the pages in a smart way so that the information can show immediately on the device

Mobile Friendly

AMP is very battery friendly and hardly makes any impact on the smart phone

Click on the titles to see the pages on your mobile phone

Mobile Google AMP pages

J&M has developed a number of mobile pages for different companies in the Nordic region. Google AMP is especially good for companies that have many customers using the mobile phone. They can be tourist companies and restaurants where customers need to access a good mobile page that loads fast without spending too much of the surf quota.


Zemi Asian Cuisine is perhaps the best sushi restaurant in Drammen, Norway. They use their AMP page to present their menu and receive table orders. In a future version, guests will also be able to order Take Away directly from the phone while on their way home.


Fjällhästen is a small company far up in the north of Swedish. A large number of their future customers are young and surf the phone rather than at the computer, and the AMP side helps with the promotion. Mountain hikers use the page to get information about Fjällhästens hostel.


Guidecenter works mainly with sports fishermen who only have the mobile phone when they are in the fishing area. Here you will find information about guided tours, accommodation and the current menu in bistro. The page is currently bilingual but there are plans for an extension.

Nära Dej

The grocery store in Ammarnäs also has customers on the move that need information about opening hours and what services the shop offers. The locals place their food orders and they either pick it up on the way home or get the food delivered directly to the door.