Frameworks for the future

Core Frameworks at J&M

At J&M, we use the framework that best suits what you need.
Most websites are built around the framework Bootstrap 4 together with our own additions.

Bootstrap 4

Clean framework for most sites. Works really smooth on mobile and desktop (This site is an BS4-site)

Google AMP

Mobile Only framework. Very fast and search engine friendly in the mobile world

Framework 7

iOS & Android framework for Online Apps. Build a complete system that looks and feels like a native app


The Code Lab

The Lab, our IT-Department, does not work in the same way as in most other companies. With us the collaboration between The Lab and The Studio is one of the most important things in order to give our customers the absolute best. IT & Design as one unit

Social Media
The Code Lab

Clean Code

Clean Code not only means using the most modern and best tools. Clean Code means that all work behind the scenes is done with care in a cost-effective and future-proof manner. We, and you as a customer, win on this!

In House Knowledge






jQuery & JS

Digital Marketing

In order to reach as many people as possible through the Internet it is imperative today to have a good ranking with the search engines. We are following the development and adapting us all the time to give you as good ranking as possible

SEO Optimizing
Social Media

Social Media

For many companies the presence in Social Media is the most important marketing channel. The Social Media and SEO Strategy is implemented in The Lab with the utmost care to provide all our customers with the best prerequisite for success