Publication & follow-up

A quality assurance that corrects any errors, adjusts small items and changes texts is the final step before your digital project can be launched. When J&M has finished the work it's time to get out and test the wings


Quality assurance

At J&M we assure all projects so that no further changes need to be made after publication. The studio and the lab work together but sometimes things need to be changed after all, we do it quickly and efficiently


When publishing a project, it's like driving a new car on the street. It must smell good inside and it will shine so that the competitors fade at first the glance



A digital project must be followed up like any other project. Our goal is, of course, that all our clients investments are going to pay well and give the company and the brand a shot forward


New projects

Often we start up new projects with the same customer on a regular basis. A few times a year, every month or occasionally. The long-term work with our customers increases the quality of both cooperation and results